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We are specialised in manufacturing PE foam, air bubble and plastic bags/films.

    Air Bubble

    LDPE (Low Density Polyethylene) is the major material of Air Bubbles. Air Bubbles are simply plastic packaging material
    that characterised by regularly spaced small air pockets or air cells. The pockets or cells are simply called Air Bubbles.
    The air bubbles are air filled cellular hemispheres that are designed mainly for cushioning functionality.

    Common field of use of Air Bubbles products:
    • Electrical component packaging
    • Furniture packaging
    • Fragile products packaging
    • Agricultural products packaging
    • Food products packaging

    The Air Bubbles are originally produced in roll and could then be converted into bags or sheet for customised sizes and
    use for individual's convenience. The bubbles may be present in the inside or the outside of the Air Bubble bag by the
    customers' preference.

    Air bubbles are sometimes referred to as “Air Cellular Cushioning Material”. The various forms of appearance of the product
    are referred to as bubble sheets, bubble wraps, bubble bags (or pouches).

    Air Bubble Roll could also merge with other products such as Air Bubble Laminated with PE Foam in order to ensure have
    better strength and shock-absorption

    Air Bubbles, with added property:
    • Antistatic Air Bubbles
    • Colour Air Bubbles

Air Bubble

SL/DL Air Bubble Bag

SSL/DL Air Bubble Sheet

SL/DL Air Bubble Roll


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