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We are specialised in manufacturing PE foam, air bubble and plastic bags/films.

    PE Foam

    PE (Polyethylene) Foam or EPE ( Expandable PE ) Foam is mainly produced through extrusion technologies. LDPE
    (low density polyethylene) is the major material for the production of PE foam. The foams are created by first dissolving
    and mixing a gas in the molten LDPE material, secondly expanding the gas into a lot of small cells and finally cooling
    the expanded PE and thereby creating the final foam.PE Foam has an excellent property of shock-
    absorption, thermal insulation, sound insulation and elasticity.

    Common field of use of PE Foam products:
    • Electrical component packaging
    • Furniture packaging
    • Fragile products packaging
    • Agricultural products packaging

    PE Foam is first produced in roll form (PE Form wrap) and then can be converted in different shapes such as bags, sheets,
    block and others.

    PE Foam could also merge with other products such as PE Foam Laminated with HDPE Film and PE Foam Laminated with
    Air Bubble in order to ensure have better strength and shock - absorption.

    PE Foam, with added property:
    • Antistatic PE Foam
    • Colour PE Foam

PE Foam


Plain/Antistatic PE Foam Sheet


Plain/Antistatic PE Foam Sheet (Thick Foam)

New Zealand

Plain/Antistatic PE Foam Bag


Plain/Antistatic PE Foam Roll

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